Customer Gallery ~ A.A. at Tenshi-no-Sato!

Hello everyone!

Today I have something really interesting for you!

Regular showroom customer, A.A. recently had the chance to visit our main location in Kyoto, Tenshi-no-Sato.

Tenshi-no-Sato is a special location meant just for VOLKS fans! It is known as the “birthplace of Super Dollfie” but DD fans are always welcome there, too! People who are fans of Super Dollfie, but who may not yet own SD are also always welcome, but remember that you need to have a VOLKS membership, or own a Super Dollfie, to go there.

There are extensive gardens, a cafe, lots of places to sit and enjoy time with your dolls and other fans, an SD museum, etc. etc. There’s so much to do there!

We really hope that every Super Dollfie fan has the chance to go there someday.


Here we have Kyrie (KoTenshi Tsubaki) and Alyssanne (MSDG Mika) enjoying themselves. Please make sure to follow along for more!


Little Alyssanne cuddling up to a new friend. Looks like she maybe got a new outfit while she was there, too!


Like most all of the “Tenshi” type dolls, “Ko-Tenshi” dolls are actually limited to Tenshi-no-Sato. The model that little Kyrie is, Tsubaki, is actually a Sato-only Standard Model.


Another photo of them together. They really suit each other, don’t you think?


I really like this shot of Kyrie!

Did you know that all of the “Tenshi” dolls are asexual? “Tenshi” means “angel” in Japanese, so they all have asexual bodies that reflect a similar build to the usual SD body they are built off of. They may also have special exclusive hands, etc.

A.A. seems to have had a very nice time there. Here’s a comment about the photos.

“Hi!  Here are some photos from Kyoto for the customer gallery! (Yes, they are very late.  I totally meant to send this a while ago)  Tenshi no Sato is a really cool place, especially the garden.  Unfortunately, it was raining when I got there, so there are not many garden pictures.
The MSD Mika is named Alyssanne and the KoTenshi Tsubaki is Kyrie.

We are so glad that you were able to visit Tenshi-no-Sato and that you had a nice time while you were there! Please come to visit us here at Tenshi-no-Sumika LA again soon, okay?


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