Showcase ~ SDG Nana 2010 Version!

Hey, everyone!

Welcome back to the Sumika Times Blog for another Standard Model Showcase!

This time, I’ll be introducing you to SDG Nana 2010 Version!

Like Megu, Nana is one of the “Four Sisters” SDs, the first Super Dollfie to ever be released. She and Megu have the same head mold, the F-01, but they come standard with different wig colors, eye colors and makeup.

Also like Megu, Nana is extremely versatile. She has a sweet, round face with a neutral expression and large, expressive eyes. The continuing popularity of this face throughout the 12 year history really shows you how lovely it is.

Nana comes with a brown wig and green eyes standard. Like any of our SDs, this can be changed along with her makeup to suit your tastes.


Today I have her in the W-133-Smokey Beige and the LPP-Midnight Scent Dress for a sweet, “lolita”-like look. The headpiece that comes with this outfit is classic “loli.”

Follow below for some closeup photos of her makeup.


Nana’s makeup is overall natural looking, but still rich with color. Pink is the predominant color and she has a cool brown on her top lid as well as a touch of orange below her eyes.


Her cute, little “4 Sisters” nose!


Nana’s lashes are soft, long, and fine. I wish I could paint lashes this skillfully!


Like all of our Standard SD, Nana’s makeup is meant to suit many different looks. Standard SDs are great for first time owners, as you can change their wigs and eyes with little worry as to whether or not their makeup will suit.

That’s all for today. Did you enjoy my showcase this time?

I really hop that you did. Please come back for more


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