Showcase ~ Shibata Chair No. 03 Round Back (Green)!

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Today, I have another showcase of one of the furniture choices we have available for SD and DD.

This time it’s the Shibata Chair No. 03-Round Back (Green)!

The shape of this chair is unusual compared to the other furniture available from the Shibata lineup. It’s a short, stout chair with a rounded back. The seat is quite small, so it’s definitely only suitable for one doll at a time, if properly seated.


This time SDGrB Minoru, SDG Kun and MSDG Mika are joining us for the showcase!

Follow below for detailed photos and measurements of this piece.


This chair features an unusual design with heavy arms, a rounded back, short legs and brass tack detailing.


You can see from this side view that the back legs are a little bit shorter than the front legs. As with all of the Shibata chairs, there may be some variance.


The back of this chair is finished plainly.

I’ll start with individual model photos now!


Minoru doesn’t look very comfortable in this chair, does he? His knees are brought up high when his feet are placed flat on the floor.


This is a little better, but I still don’t think I’d recommend it for SD13 Boys or larger.


Kun fits well in this chair. It’s just about right for SD Girls and Boys.


This chair is large for little Mika. I think MSD is the smallest size I would recommend for this chair. You could probably use it for YoSDs should you wish, but it will be very large. It is up to you as to how you feel about that.

That’s all the photos I have for you, so on to the measurements.

Height: 15″

Floor to Seat: 5″

Seat Back: 10″

Width: 12″

Seat Width: 5″

Seat Depth: 7.5″

Although I was careful when measuring this furniture, keep in mind that the measurements were taken by hand and therefore are approximate.

I hope you enjoyed my showcase this time! Please join us again on the Sumika Times Blog for more!


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