Wig Showcase #18 ~ W-87C!

Hello everyone!

Sorry to keep you waiting! This weekend was really busy. We had so many customers on Mother’s Day!

Well I’ve been working hard on the Wig Showcase anyway. This Showcase is the W-87C, the Short Bob in SD Cute size!

This style is a really cute little “pageboy” style that’s cut to just below the chin. It’s great for boys and girls, but especially for younger characters and works very well with modern looks. It would be really cute with fantasy styles though, especially a medieval style! I’d make a real page to wear this “pageboy!”


I don’t have any SD Cute models here in the showroom, so as usual MSDB Kohaku and MSDG Mika are modeling for us today! Follow below the cut for more!


This wig of course comes in the 02-Natural. Mika here really reminds me of the “Flapper” styles of the 1920’s.


It also comes in the 613-Ivory, another classic color! Kohaku doesn’t look too happy here, does he? Why so serious little guy?


That’s a little better! Perhaps Kohaku prefers the 16T-Cream?


These two colors are both newer colors. This style only became available in these colors recently, like many of our wigs.


Here is the M33/12-Rich Brown. Kohaku looks quite imperious here, doesn’t he?


The B595-Peach Pink is perfect for sweet little Mika!

I hope you enjoyed my showcase this time, even if it was a bit late. Keep watch here for the next Showcase!


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