Create Your Own Dollfie Dream Girl!

Hello everyone! It’s Dandy here, and today, along with Sayuri, we are going to show you how to create your own Dollfie Dream girl using the Dollfie Dream Open Eyehole Option Head. Have you ever thought about assembling one? If you haven’t, well now you should because we are going to show you how to paint and assemble your very own Dollfie Dream Option Head that is sure to be unique!

Here is our lovely Dollfie Dream girl, created by Sayuri. She is Option Head 01, and is wearing our new 24mm Animetic Eyes/I Type/ Apricot (Anzu), and previous limited wig, W-1033D in color 10.

There are several Open Eyehole Heads to choose from, both in Natural and White Skin, and all of the heads can be used on a Dollfie Dream Base Body II or Mini Dollfie Dream Base Body (only available in Natural Skin). HDD-01 is the head that we have used for this lesson, but you are encouraged to choose any head you want. HDD-02 is the same head used for our Standard Model Aoi, and HDD-03 is the same head used for Yukino. So, all of you Aoi and Yukino fans out there patiently waiting for more stock, why not try making your own Aoi and Yukino versions with the Option Heads? Maybe after this lesson, you will!

Additonal items needed and used for this lesson:

-ZM Make Pen

-ZM Paper Pallete

- ZM Face Painting Brush 05 (OR preferred brush size)

-ZM Acrylics- Basic Color Set*

-ZM Acrylics- Make Set*

-ZM Make Pastel/Base Makeup Color (OR preferred color set)

-Tamiya FInishing Abrasives P400

-ZM Finishing Powder Spray UV-Cut

-ZM Shine Pearl/Purple (Optional)

- Tamiya X-22 Gloss (Optional)

Mr. Cotton Swab (Optional)

-Tamiya Side Cutter for Plastic (Optional)

- Animetic Eyes/ I Type/ Apricot (Anzu) 24mm (OR preferred eye/size)

-Eye Glue Gun (OR Eye Putty)

-A Box of Tissues

-A Pair of Scissors

-A Cup of Water

*For the Acrylic Paint Sets, it is recommended that you have both, but you only need one set that is suitable for your needs. While the ZM Acrylics- Make Set has only brown and flesh colored tones, the ZM Acrylics- Basic Color Set has equally important colors such as black, red, and white.

Now that we’ve covered that long list, let’s begin!

This is what your Dollfie Dream Option Head will look like; as you can see the HDD-01 Natural Skin was used for this demonstration:

Step 1

Step 1: Take your Dollfie Dream Option Head out of the box and packaging and clean it by rinsing it in water. Use tissues afterwards to dry the head off.

Step 2

Step 2

Step 2 (Optional): Coat the face with a layer of ZM Finishing Powder Spray. To do this, hold the can away from the head about 8-10 inches and spray in short bursts, rotating the head as you do so. But, before you begin spraying, make sure you shake the Finishing Powder Spray well and that you using it in a well ventilated area, preferably outside.

Spraying a layer of coating first will help the paint and pastel stick better, however, doing so is purely optional and is not necessary. But, you will want to know how to use the Finishing Powder Spray for uses in future Steps.

Step 3

Step 3

Step 3: Use the ZM Make Pen to draw a desired makeup design. This design will be your guide for painting, so try to drawing as neatly as possible. If you chose to coat the face first from Step 2, make sure that the coating is completely dry before using the Make Pen.

Although the Dollfie Dream’s face is more anime like, you can choose to draw the makeup as realistic as you’d like. As you can see in the picture, Sayuri chose to draw distinct lower lashes for a more natural look. Also, if you do not like what you have drawn or made a mistake, you can easily erase the Make Pen with water! Just use a wet tissue or a Mr. Cotton Swab to wipe away any unwanted markings.

Step 4

Step 4

Step 4: Before you begin painting the face, you need to know that you will be painting two separate layers. In this step, you will want to prepare the first layer of paint, which will be lighter than the second layer. As pictured, Sayuri is mixing a light brown because her second layer is going to be a dark brown. If she wanted the second layer to be black, then she would mix a light grey and so forth.

Now, for those of you who are completely new to painting, this Step is also a good way for you to learn how to mix paints! As you can see from the picture, you only need to use a dab of paint and thinner, which is the bottle of clear liquid that is included in the Acrylic Paint Sets. To mix any two or more colors, it is best to use a damp brush to take a little bit of paint from each color and begin mixing them into one color separately, as Sayuri is doing in the photo. As you mix, add thinner and more color as needed. Also, make sure that you are mixing your paints on the proper side of the Paper Palette, which is the smoother and shinier side. It may seem obvious, but I know from personal experience that that using the wrong side of the Paper Palette is not helpful!

Step 5

Step 5

Step 5: Begin painting the face over the Make Pen. Sayuri chose to start with the eyebrows, but you can begin painting wherever is easiest for you. Sayuri also chose to paint solid eyebrows, but you could also paint in strokes for individual eyebrow hairs to produce a more realistic look; however, this painting technique will require some practice. If you make a mistake though, you can use some thinner on a Mr. Color Cotton Swab or tissue to wipe away any paint. Also, you may have already noticed that the Make Pen is too thick to draw a lot of fine detail, so don’t be afraid to paint any fine detail you may have not marked previously.

As you can see, Sayuri painted on extra lashes she could not mark with the ZM Make Pen.

As you can see, Sayuri painted on extra lashes she could not mark with the ZM Make Pen.

Once you have successfully finished painting the first layer, coat the face with a layer of ZM Finishing Powder Spray and let it dry. Doing this will seal and protect the paint.
Step 6

Step 6

Step 6: Mix your second, darker, layer of paint and paint over the layer you did in Step 5. Also, if you want, paint the lips at this time. Otherwise, you can shade them over with the Make Pastels as explained later.
As you can see here, Sayuri chose to paint a full, pink colored lips.

As you can see here, Sayuri chose to paint full, pink colored lips.

Once you have finished painting the second layer and you are happy with the look, spray another coating of the ZM Finishing Powder Spray onto the face and let dry.
Step 7

Step 7

Step 7: Once you have finished painting and coating the second layer, you are almost done! To add a bit more depth and life to the face, you will want to add a bit of blush. First, cut a small piece of the Tamiya Finishing Abrasives P400. Then, take one or more of the Make Pastels and rub the chalk(s) over the Abrasive until it becomes a fine powder, as pictured above. Next, take a tissure and fold it up into a small square. Use the tissue to dab into the fine powder and begin blushing the face.
To blush the face, blot the tissue onto the face, as pictured above, then blend in the pastel by lightly rubbing the tissure in a circular motion. Once you have blended in the pastel, add a little more if needed.
Ideally, you will want to blush the cheeks, chin, and temples. However, you could also blush the ears and forehead as well. You could also use the Make Pastels to color in the lips, or use as an eye shadow!
After you are done blushing, coat the face one final time with the ZM Finishing Powder Spray and let dry.
Step 8

Step 8

Step 8 (optional): After you have blushed and coated the face a final time, you are done. But, if you want to add a special touch, use your paint brush to apply some Tamiya X-22 Gloss to the lips or eye area! If you want a high shine, you may need to apply at least two coats of gloss.

And, if you want to add a little color and shimmer to your shine, mix a little ZM Shine Pearl with the Tamiya X-22 Gloss on a palette and apply. As you can see in the picture, Sayuri used the ZM Shine Pearl/Purple on the lips and eye lids for a very cute and feminine look!

Also, the Tamiya x-22 Gloss and ZM Shine Pearl does not need to be coated with the ZM Finishing Powder Spray, so when you are done just let is dry in a safe place. Once your lovely Dollfie Dream head has dried, you are then ready to finish up!

Step 9

Step 9

Step 9: Next, attach the eyes. For your DD Option Head, you can use any eye sized 20mm and up. Sayuri chose a pair of 24mm Animetic Eyes/ I Type/ Apricot (Anzu), but you can choose any of the HG Glass Eyes, Animetic EyesCat Eyes, or Metallic Eyes.

First, decide the position you want the eyes to look. To secure the eyes in place to the position desired you will need to surround the eyes, one at a time, with either a Low Temperature Glue Gun, or Eye Putty. To do this you will need to physically hold the eye still while you surround it with the glue or putty. As you can see in the picture above, Sayuri used the Glue Gun to secure the eyes in. Once you have secured the eyes in, check them from the front to make sure they are positioned correctly. If you need to re-adjust them, you will have no trouble doing so with Eye Putty; but, if you are using a Glue Gun, please try to make any adjustments while the glue is still warm.

Step 10

Step 10

Step 10: After attaching both eyes, you are then ready to attach the head cap. If you are having difficulty fitting the head cap on, you can use a hair dryer to soften the vinyl, or do the following step.
Step 11

Step 11

Step 11 (optional): If you are having a lot of difficulty getting the head cap on, you can cut a series of three to four inscisions around the head cap. To do this, use the Make Pen to draw out a triangle shape as pictured above. Then, use the Tamiya Side Cutter to cut out the trinagle:
Doing this will add more flexibility to the head cap, allowing an easier fit.
After attaching the head cap, then you are done!

Well, you will still need to attach the head to a body and put a wig on, but these two things are easy to do. So, I have no worries that you will figure it out on your own. But, remember, if you have questions or need help with any of the blog tutorials, you can always email us or stop by the showroom during our business hours and we will be happy to assist you!

We hope you enjoyed this lesson! And please look forward to more Dollfie Dream tutorials in the future!!


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