Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 Lottery Entry

Agreement Upon Entry

1. Applications will be accepted from:

March 10th at 11:00am PST until March 13th at 11:00am PST

2. During the entry period, click the order button of the Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 Limited Items you want to purchase.
We cannot accept orders for additional items along with Web HTDP Osaka 7 orders. If you wish to purchase additional items, please place a separate order.

Each customer may enter once for each item. If we notice several entries for one item purchased by the same person, we will cancel the entire order of that person.

3. The payment option is credit card payment (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX or DISCOVER) only.
We cannot accept other methods such as layaways, money orders, personal checks, etc.

4. Check out your order, and fill out your information, including your credit card information.
You might see the cost shown on the screen but it will not be charged at this time. In some instances, your bank may place an authorization hold for the total on the card; however, the funds are not actually withdrawn until you have won the lottery and the transaction is completed.

Only the lottery winners will be charged.

5. We are planning to contact the winners of the lottery around late March by e-mail only. We will also delete the orders of the other applicants to make sure that they will not be charged.

6. Please be aware that we cannot accept any changes in the order at all including shipping address, credit card information, receiver’s name or cancellation of the order.

7. Items will be delivered approximately in June 2013.

Sato-gaeri Service

You will be able to choose Sato-gaeri Service for your Web HTDP Osaka 7 order.
Please read through the agreement for the service and choose the proper service for your order.

The agreement for Sato-gaeri Service

Once you choose this service, we consider it as an agreement to our conditions. We will not accept any kind of claims for compensation if there is a violation of the agreement.
- It takes about one more month to be shipped than usual.
- We cannot accept any change of service or cancellations.

Sato-gaeri Service Menu

01 : Removing Seam Lines
Making your SD’s skin smooth by removing the seam lines completely from the surface using sandpaper and polishing.
Note: The SD16G, SDGrG and SDM bodies have fewer seam lines because of a new technical innovation. Service for seam line removal will be done for the hands and flat feet only.
SDM: $36
SDGr: $73
SD17: $36

02 : Whole Body Coating
Coating the body to give a matte look and velvety texture. This service accompanies Seam Line Removal. Body Coating is not available by itself.
You have to have the 01 : Removing Seam Lines process before this service. Therefore, please order together with the 01 : Removing Seam Lines service. The 02 : Whole Body Coating service is not available alone.
SDM: $48
SDGr: $63
SD17: $63

03 : Self-Standing Parts
Attaching suede for better movement of articulation so that your Super Dollfie can more easily stand by his or herself!
SDM: $69
SDGr: $73
SD17: $73

If you wish to enter to purchase a limited item, please visit Home Town Dolpa Osaka 7 Limited Items during the order period.
Once you do follow the link we consider it an agreement to our conditions.
We will not accept any kind of claims for compensation if there is a violation of the agreement.

If you have any questions, please inquire at service@volksusa.com

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