Make Your Super Dollfie a Doctor’s Appointment at IDEX 2013!

What is the Super Dollfie Beauty Salon?
Of course, we have special Dolly Doctors with more knowledge of Super Dollfie than anyone else in this world! They usually work at Tenshi-no-Sato in Kyoto, which is our Super Dollfie museum with a beautiful Japanese style garden, but this time one of them is joining us at our booth at IDEX2013. You can consult with him about any problems you may have with your Super Dollfie. Of course, since his knowledge is of VOLKS Super Dollfie, he will only be able to help you with your VOLKS SDs. We thank you for your understanding.

What kind of Services will be available at the Volks booth at IDEX 2013?
Elastic Cord Checkup (Free)
     - Properly adjusted elastic cords may improve your SD’s posing ability!
     - The Doctor may suggest the Elastic Cord Replacement Service if the cord is too worn out.

Body Checkup (Free)
     - If your SDs have stability issues when you try to have them stand or sit down, ask the Doctor to check the inside of their bodies!

Replacing Doll Eyes ($41)
     - Please bring an alternate pair of VOLKS eyes to have the Doctor replace them!

Eyelash Attachment (Upper Lid or Lower Lid Only $14 / Both Lids $28)
     - The Doctor will attach VOLKS doll eyelashes for your SD. You can purchase eyelashes at our booth, or bring your own if you already have VOLKS eyelashes.

Adding Neck Attachment Part for Old SDs ($14-Includes Part Cost)
     - If you have an old Super Dollfie which doesn’t have an S-hook rest at the neck opening, the Doctor can improve that area by attaching a part there so that you can easily remove and attach the SD’s head.

MSD Assembly ($28)
     - Standard Model MSDs are available as a kit. It’s not that difficult to assemble it on your own, but if you are too nervous, you can have the Doctor assemble it for you.

Elastic Cord Replacement ($39-Includes New Elastic Cord Cost)
     - Once the inner elastic cord gets worn out, it usually affects your SD’s pose holding ability. If you feel like “Why doesn’t she obey me recently?” while posing her, it’s a sign to replace the elastic cord. Of course, you can first ask the Doctor for the free Elastic Cord Checkup Service and decide if you would like to replace it or not at the event site.

* Please understand that we can’t offer Tenshi-no-Sato ‘s full lineup of Satogaeri services including Body Customization, Makeup Renewal, Whole Body Coating, Seam Line Removal, etc. because of lack of facilities and time constraints.

How many SDs will be accepted?
The Doctor will try his best to help everyone, but time is limited. We are planning to offer the time slots listed below. However, you know how it is in real life, right? This is just a plan. Some SDs may need more time and others may need less. We are sorry if you end up waiting even though you have an appointment. We know that you will be busy at the event, but why don’t you enjoy a conversation with our staff members while you wait? You may get a chance to see rare people from our company there as well! Thank you for your cooperation in advance!

Saturday, April 13 1:00PM-5:00PM
- 1:00 PM (Occupied. Thank you, I.T.!)
- 1:20 PM (Occupied. Thank you, I.T.!)
- 1:40 PM
- 2:00 PM
- 2:20 PM (Occupied. Thank you, J.K.S.!)
- 2:40 PM
- 3:00 PM (Occupied. Thank you, L.E.O.!)
- 3:20 PM
- 3:40 PM
- 4:00 PM (Occupied. Thank you, J.R.!)
- 4:20 PM (Occupied. Thank you, J.R.!)
- 4:40 PM
Sunday, April 14 10:00AM-1:00PM
- 10:00 AM (Occupied. Thank you, C.G.!)
- 10:20 AM
- 10:40 AM
- 11:00 AM
- 11:20 AM
- 11:40 AM
- 12:00 PM
- 12:20 PM
- 12:40 PM

How can I make my Doctor’s Appointment?
Please email with the information below by the end of March.

1. Your Full Name
We’ll check your ID to confirm you are the one who made appointment, so please let us know your legal name. Some of us may not be familiar with American nicknames, so the exact name on the ID will help us a lot!

2. Your Cell Phone Number (If Possible)
Just in case. If we need to contact you at the event site, since we may not be able to correspond with you via email.

3. The Type of Super Dollfie You are Having A Problem With
Please help the Doctor to be prepared! We have many different sizes and skin tones for Super Dollfies now, so if he can know what type of Super Dollfies are visiting him, he can pack his Doctor’s bag more appropriately. You don’t want to be sad because he can’t help your Super Dollfie because of lack of tools or materials, right?

4. Detailed Description of the Problem
Please explain your problem clearly, so that we can translate it and prepare the information sheet for the Doctor before the event.
(If you have multiple Super Dollfies which you want the Doctor to see, please note details of 3 and 4 for each of them separately to avoid any mix-ups.)

5. Date and Time Slot You Prefer
Please let us know the date and time you would prefer. If you can give us several options, it will help us a lot. As soon as we confirm the schedule, we will email you back your confirmed appointment time.
(If you have multiple Super Dollfies which you want to see the Doctor, you may need a time slot for each of your SDs.)

What do I do for my Appointment during IDEX 2013?
Please just visit our booth with your SD before the appointment time since you may need time to undress them. Then, we will confirm your appointment with your ID. Don’t worry about communication. The Doctor will have his own translator for you during the Beauty Salon!

Can I Visit the Beauty Salon Without an Appointment?
Yes, you can. Please don’t hesitate to visit our booth! We love to see and greet you and your beloved Dollfies anytime. If there is an unoccupied time slot for you, the Doctor will accept your visit and help to solve your problem. However, if all of the slots are completely occupied, he may not be able to help you because customers with appointments take priority. We recommend that you make an appointment via email before the event.

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