What Will We Offer at IDEX 2013?!

     Thank you for waiting! Have you already registered to attend IDEX2013 on their website? If not, do it today! We are excited to see all of you there!
     Though we are still in the planning stage, we are happy to announce today what we will be able to offer there.

* Sumika Store
We can’t carry the entire stock of our Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA store to Florida, but we will try to bring as many of our regular items as we can! If you have a specific item that you want to see and purchase at IDEX 2013, why don’t you suggest it to service@volksusa.com! We will try our best to include it!
     - If you have questions about Item prices, please check our website. All of the item prices are listed.
     - Florida sales tax will be applicable.

* Limited Items
Yes, we will have Limited Items! You want to know exactly what limited items will be there, right? We can’t tell you just yet, but don’t forget to check here regularly. We will announce them here as soon as the information is ready!

* One-Off Models
We are preparing special One-Off Models as well. Oh, have you never heard about One-Off Models? They are special, one-of-a-kind models which are prepared just for special occasions. Their makeup is at our ultimate level because our makeup artists dedicate themselves to perfecting everything just for that one doll and their gorgeous outfits are made by Japanese dealers who work on commission with us. They are absolutely beautiful. You may get to see some sneak-peeks here later!

* Super Dollfie Beauty Salon
A Doll Doctor has been assigned to join us at the event and he will hold the Super Dollfie Beauty Salon. Do you have any concerns with your Super Dollfie such as “For some reason, she doesn’t want to stand recently…” or “It has been a while since I welcomed him, should I change his elastic cords?”, etc.
If you have already decided to visit us at IDEX, don’t forget to check our blog post later since we will be accepting Doctor Appointments. Make sure to check the details such as service availability, prices, and rules there as well!

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