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Dolpa Osaka 7 Limited Items

     Is it that time again already? Wow! This Dolpa we’re revisiting several familiar series of dolls, how exciting!

     The story of “A Maiden’s Promise” turns back the clock to introduce a younger Liz and her friend Chloé! Aren’t they sweet? And what’s this? These two girls feature the new SDMidi body! Similar in size to the MSD, please make special note of the newly designed torso and the enhanced posing ability!

     Then get swept back to the land of fairytales as we turn to the next chapter of “Journey to Dream Nights!” Who’s this lovely young lady? Why, it’s none other than Belle! With a smiling, hopeful countenance, she won’t give up so easily, no matter how difficult things get for her. Not to worry, Belle! Even you will touch the heart of the fearsome Beast and reveal the true appearance of the handsome Prince Claude.

     Looks like we aren’t the only ones visiting a fantasy realm! Isn’t that Ruuko? From “To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers”, here’s Lucy Maria Misora in her Magical Princess outfit! Check this out, she’s also in the new Semi-White skin for DD! And for “To Heart 2″ fans, if you missed them before, you’ll have another chance to get the stylish school uniforms again!

     DD continues to rock on with Volks’ own “Afterschool Akihabara Girls” series. Introducing Nanami! Look familiar? Well she should- she’s Natsuki’s little sister! This DDS girl loves music and even has a special guitar set! Ah, Nanami-chan, don’t forget- you still have school! She may not care much about grades but she does love her uniform!

Applications for the limited items will be accepted from
March 10th at 11:00am PST until March 13th at 11:00am PST.

SDMidi Liz SDMG Liz
Price: $715.00
SDMidi Chloé SDMG Chloé
Price: $715.00
SDGrG Belle SDGrG Belle
Price: $1,306.00
SD17B Prince SD17B Claude, The Prince
Price: $1,581.00
DDS Nanami DDS Nanami
Price: $756.00
DD Lucy Magical Princess DD “To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers” Lucy Maria Misora Magical Princess Ver.
Price: $811.00
MDD To Heart 2 School Uniform MDD “To Heart 2″ School Uniform Set
Price: $94.00
DD To Heart 2 School Uniform DD “To Heart 2″ School Uniform Set
Price: $107.00
DDdy To Heart 2 School Uniform DDdy “To Heart 2″ School Uniform Set
Price: $107.00


Nanami's Uniform Set Uniform Set for Nanami
Price: $117.00

Nanami's Guitar Set Guitar Set for Nanami
Price: $165.00

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