Dollfie World Cup! Show Off Your Make-Up Skills!

Super Dollfie World Cup 2013

     Good news for all world-wide SD make-up lovers! During the Dollfie World Cup you will be able to submit your make-up works from anywhere in the world! If you want to enter, the procedures are a little bit complicated, but if you read the following carefully, there should be no problems. By submitting your entry we take it as your understanding and agreement to all details listed below.

     The entry methods for participants outside of Japan will differ from those within Japan. The explanation here is applicable only to customers outside of Japan. If you are in Japan, please refer to Volks Japan’s Special Website.

Regarding Makeup
     There are several rules that you have to know before you start the make-up, please read them carefully to make sure that your entries will be eligible!

- Makeup methods and materials used for customization are at the discretion of the participant.
(Makeup may include tattoos or tribal markings, as well as decorations such as rhinestones, etc.)
- Makeup must be the original work of the person submitting the entry.
(Makeup done by a third party, collaborative makeup done by multiple people, and makeup copying existing third-party characters will be excluded from the judging process.)
- Your entry’s “gender”, “body size” and “theme” must be disclosed at the time of entry.
          (Example: Girl / SD13G Body / Gentle Personality)
          (Example: Boy / SD17B Body / Bandit Leader) etc.
- Minor sculpt modifications utilizing sanding, or putty are permitted, but heads with extensive changes that impact the overall proportions (e.g., head size) or look of the sculpt (e.g., changes to the extent that the original DWC sculpt is no longer recognizable) will be excluded from the judging process.
- Any eyes used for this competition must be made by Volks, Inc.
Acceptable Eyes: Zoukei-Mura Glass Eyes, HG Glass Eyes, Dollfie Eyes, Acrylic Eyes, Metallic Eyes, Animetic Eyes
- Whether or not you attach eyelashes and the choice of which eyelashes to use is up to you. Any eyelashes used for the competition must be made by Volks, Inc.

Step 1: Purchase a DWC head, and challenge yourself to do the makeup!
     The first thing you have to do is to get the special SD head for this World Cup! If you are in the business area of Volks USA, which is the US, Canada and Mexico, you can simply purchase them from us. Oh, and if you need to restock your painting tools and materials, don’t forget to order them as well!
     If you are in another area, you can purchase from the Volks International Website Store.
     You can choose from two newly sculpted special heads to participate in this competition. The two torso bases are not required for the competition, but we are sure that they will be a great help for your picture taking!
*One customer may purchase up to two of each item.

Step 2: Preliminary Qualification Round / Photographic Selection (Email Entry)
<Deadline: Photos must be received by Tuesday, April 30th>
     Once you are done with the make-up, take your best pictures of it. Make sure to take photos for all three different angles and one with a wig as listed below! Then, email the pictures with the required information. Follow the instructions carefully and don’t waste your chance!
*Volks will not bear any responsibility for failed submissions due to email transmission errors, etc.
Preliminary Qualification Judging: Volks Headquarters, Kyoto
Entry Submission Method: Email Only
Competition Materials: DWC Heads, Two Types (PS Normal)

Email Address:
Regarding submissions, we accept entries in Japanese, English and Korean.
Please email Japanese and English submissions to the following email address:
Please email Korean submissions to the following email address:

Email Subject:
“DWC2013 Makeup Championship Preliminary Qualification <Your Full Name>”

Email Body:
Please include full answers to points 1~8 in the body of your email.
1. Your Full Name
2. Your Address
3. Your Phone Number
4. Your Email Address
5. Competition Entry’s Theme
6. Competition Entry’s Body Size
7. Competition Entry’s Gender
8. Your Pseudonym

Please consider providing the following for informational purposes (Not Required):
9. Your Age
10. Your Occupation

Email Attachments:
Please attach a total of 4 photos to your email, consisting of a front, right side profile, left side profile, and front with Volks Wig shot against a white background.
Please limit the size of all attachments total to 3MB.
Please photograph your head with eyes attached. (All eyes shown in photos must be made by Volks, Inc.)
Please do not include an outfit in any of the photos or a wig (in first three photos).

Preliminary Pass!:
You will receive notification from Volks about the Final Qualification Round if you pass the Preliminary Qualification Round. <Around mid-May>

Step 3: Final Qualification Round / Head Selection (Mail Entry)
<Shipping Deadline: Around the end of May. Deadline date will vary for different showroom locations. Exact details will be outlined in the Final Qualification Round notification.>

Participants who pass into the Final Qualification Round must ship their competition entries to Volks headquarters in Kyoto!

*The shipping cost to Volks will be the responsibility of the participant. The return shipping cost will be covered by Volks.
*It will be possible to submit in person or ship entries to Tenshi-no-Sumika in Seoul and Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA.
*For detailed shipping guidelines, please consult the instructions listed here, as well as your Final Qualification Round notice.
*Please ship the head with the eyes attached as-is. (Eyes must be made by Volks, Inc.)
*Please do not include a body, torso, wig, and/or outfit.
*After the Final Qualification Round, we will take the utmost precautions with the works that are entrusted to our care for the duration of the competition, but Volks will not bear responsibility for any possible trouble (loss / damage / staining) that may occur. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
*Volks will not bear responsibility for any possible trouble (loss / damage / staining) that may occur during shipping. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Championship Round!!!
Good luck!

Regarding Rights and Miscellaneous
- Copyrights to all entered competition works (including publication rights, character rights, and/or all related rights) will belong completely to Volks, Inc.
- Personal information received at the time of entry submission may be used to contact the participant regarding competition matters.
*Detailed information regarding our Privacy Policy and how your personal information may be used can be found on the Volks website.
- Entry submission constitutes agreement, understanding, and consent to all competition rules. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
*Event details and rules are subject to change without notice. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Q and A
Q: Is a Schipitt Magnet attached to the DWC heads?
A: No. Both magnet and washer are NOT included with the DWC heads. You can purchase the Schpitt Magnet Set separately in our stores, as well as in our web store.

Q: Do the DWC heads’ caps have a metal authenticity plate attached?
A: Yes, they do.

Q: Can I purchase the head even though I’m not planning to enter the makeup competition?
A: Yes, you can. We encourage you to try, you’ll never know until you try, but it’s up to you if you submit an entry or not.

Q: Is there a number limitation to the number of entries that I can submit?
A: No. You may enter multiple times.
When you email your entries, please separate them to one email per entry. So if you wiil submit multiple entries, please send multiple emails for those entries.
You are allowed to purchase up to two of each head. So you have up to four chances, one per head.

Q: Is the DWC #01 Head the same as the School A Head?
A: No. It is different from School A. Please check the item’s page for more details.

Q: Do I have to attach eyelashes?
A: up to you whether you attach eyelashes or not, and which eyelashes you choose.
If you attach eyelashes, please use VOLKS eyelashes. Other eyelashes are not eligible for the competition.

Q: How will you judge the entries?
A: We will take into consideration the gender, intended body, and theme you list when you submit your entry. So, we will judge not only your makeup technique but also how well you have expressed these details through the makeup.

Q: When will you send back my DWC Head that I shipped to Volks for judging? (Update: 1/31/2013)
A: The return shipment schedule will depend on which award your head wins.
We will ship your DWC head back according to that schedule once the competition is over.

Q: Can I change the makeup of my DWC head after I submit my competition entry? (Update: 1/31/2013)
A: No. Please keep your head as it is until the results are announced.

Q: Can I buy DWC Heads in Pure Skin White? (Update: 2/1/2013)
A: DWC Heads as well as the Upper Torso Bases as competition support items in Pure Skin White are exclusively available on site during the SD Makeup Workshop.
We have no plan to offer them on the website nor at our branches overseas.
Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Do I have to use a Volks wig for the “front with Volks Wig” picture for the email entry? (Update: 2/27/2013)
A: Yes, please use a Volks wig. Customization of the wig is up to you.
However this picture is only to see the overall impression and
the wig itself will NOT affect judging at all since this competition is focused on makeup.

Super Dollfie DWC Head #01
Price: $206.00
Super Dollfie DWC Head #02
Price: $206.00
Super Dollfie DWC SD Graffiti Girl Upper Torso Base
Price: $50.00
Super Dollfie DWC SD Graffiti Boy Upper Torso Base
Price: $50.00

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