November 2011 Collection

     The November Collection is all about charm and elegance!

     Your Yo-SDs will be so neat and proper with these cute little school uniforms. They’ll be on their very best behaviour!

     Get your girls all dolled up for a fancy dinner party! So pretty! So mature! They come with such lovely accessories too! What a difference a bolero or a shawl can make! And aren’t those lace stockings that Aoi’s wearing beautiful? I really love that MDD red and black dress too. Isn’t it cute?

     Oh! Is there an investigation going on? It looks like we have two detectives on the scene. Hopefully there’s no trouble, but if there is, your SDs will definitely be on top of things, right?

You can take a peek at everything right here!

     Get ready for it! Everything will be available February 18th@11:00 AM PST, so mark your calendars!


The “Add to Shopping Cart” button will appear on each item’s page when they become available. If this is the first time you are ordering through our web store, please make sure that you read our Shipping & Refund Policy, too! You may also want to take a glance at it even if you’ve ordered from us before since recently we added and expanded our terms to give a better understanding of our policies.

These items are very limited in quantity, so please understand if the items are sold out before you are able to purchase them.

Limit one of each item per customer. Orders with multiple of each item may not be fulfilled.

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